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  • Apartment-Rebates.com is a free on-line apartment locator service owned and operated by Texas licensed real estate agents. We are in compliance with all applicable fair housing laws.

  • Any rebate offer is subject to the consent of the principals our Texas licensed real estate agents represent.

  • There will be only 1 rebate paid per lease, regardless of the number of occupants.

  • Apartment-Rebates.com will not be held liable to pay any money to its customers in the situation where no commission is received from the apartment complex associated with the transaction.

  • Apartment-Rebates.com must be listed on the guest card when visiting each property.

  • Apartment-Rebates.com must be listed as your rental agency on your lease application.

  • Rebate form must be completed prior to move-in.

  • Lease term must be 6 months or longer, at a property paying a minimum 50% locator commission. This commission will not effect your rental rate or any specials offered.

  • You must have learned about your new apartment through www.apartment-rebates.com (Apartment-Rebates.com). If you lived at the property before or are being transferred by a sister property, you may not be eligible for a rebate.

  • If you learned of the property or visited the property before you registered on www.apartment-rebates.com ( Apartment-Rebates.com), you will not be eligible for a rebate.

  • If consent to pay the customer a rebate is withheld or withdrawn by the apartment complex owner or his representative the rebate offer will be void.

  • Your rebate will be paid only when you move into a participating apartment, which is listed on the Apartment-Rebates.com web-site.

  • Apartment-Rebates.com will promptly issue and send you a check after Apartment-Rebates.com has received payment from the apartment community, usually 2-8 weeks after move-in.

  • Apartment-Rebates.com does not guarantee the accuracy of any information available on this site and is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or misrepresentations. Product information including availability, features, floor plans and rent ranges are subject to change without prior notice and should be verified independently with the property managers.



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Any rebate offer is subject to restrictions and the consent of the principals.
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